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The We Are OH Update: Thursday June 1st 2017

Good evening it’s been quite some time since we’ve last posted one of these and we’re sorry it’s been so long but it’s been a long time coming so here we go.

The Next Chapter

Since our founding in 2003 We Are OH Studios has thrived on the music industry to help out as many people as possible, in 2009 we launched this company further with digital media and development for musicians and companies alike, in 2013 we launched photography and videography with our former employee Tyler Newberry who passed on those skills and camera equipment to our company and lastly in 2015 we launched this website and built a better platform for our customers and employees to see their work in action but whats next you ask?

Coming this August we’ll be taking the next step in our history as a company and pushing out the return of Simple As Records, We Are OH Gaming and the long awaited return of our old YouTube game series idea Game On! All this summer we’ll be pushing out new content aimed at having fun, adventuring and making the most of the summer via our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram pages including Facebook Live / Instagram Live sessions from Paper Waves and more! 

For more information: We Are OH Ventures


As we evolve as a company we’d essentially like to move into a new office, hire new employees and rebuild ourselves into more music scenes across Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey and Ohio but we can’t do any of that without the help of the community that’s stood with us since 2009 and has seen every aspect of this company flourish.

But alas that’s all for today and we promise we’ll update you all more often than this <3 

We Are OH, You Are Awesome.
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