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The We Are OH Update: Friday May 10th 2019

Hey there everyone Tyler here, it’s been quite sometime since we’ve wrote anything about the happenings with We Are OH Studios since our last actual press post last December but a lot of amazing things have happened over the past four months and we’re here today to share them with you.

In 2018 we had some ups and we had some downs one of which being our dear friend Tyler Newberry leaving the company to do his own thing but 2018 also brought forth the new plan as a company to push forward and to make things happen. I touched on this in December that our friend Richard Perdomo had joined the company as with our newest member Hunter Outten working along side Sean Day with photography and video work.

We did a lot of growing from January to March including pushing photography a lot more and myself moving forward as an individual within the company and also launching a brand newly designed (which don’t you just love?! haha). April came and we did LAUNCH 2019 which i absolutely LOVED and as i reported in December it could’ve been our last one and honestly now that we’ve sat down and discussed it, it definitely isn’t our last rodeo with LAUNCH Music Conference, we had a lot of fun working with everyone in Carousel Kings, Heart For Hire, Hello, Atlantic, HAWK and many others I busted my butt shooting photos of during the festival weekend all together.

Moving forward as a company into summer 2019 we have a lot of major plans we’d like to accomplish including doing more photography jobs in and around Lancaster County and Philadelphia as with our eventual move to a new office space this October for our 16th anniversary (more on that later). As a whole we’d like to expand our operations in digital media and photography into the west coast as with branch out into Europe with our partner Curtis Boylan in Dublin.

But lastly we’d like to thank each and every one of you who came out to see us at LAUNCH 2019 and spoke to us and everyone who continues to work with us.

Thank you so much, we couldn’t do it without you.

We Are OH, You Are Awesome.

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